The Basics of SEO Content Marketing

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Great content is only half the battle when it comes to creating a great website that ranks highly in the search engines. If you have great SEO content but don’t market it, you aren’t going to get the traffic and rankings that you want. Keywords and meta tags are no longer enough.

You’ll have to actively market your content to draw people to your site. This article covers some of the basics of SEO content marketing, but you need to continually expand your knowledge with the latest methods and utilize all of the available resources that you have to help your business grow.

Make sure you’re writing content that is worthy of being read by your audience

Content marketing always starts with great content. While keywords are still important, your content has to be worthy of being read by your audience. It is important that you always write your content for people first. Keep the reader in mind.

What do they want to know? What features or benefits of your products or services make them unique? What will grab the attention of the reader, lead them to your site, and keep them there long enough to make a buying decision?

Market your content effectively and use social media

Once you have compelling content, you have to market it to the masses. One of the easiest ways to do this is through social media, although referrals from other sites, guest blogging and SEO are other valid ways to get people to read your content. Since the Google Hummingbird update, social media hits to your site play a much larger role in your site ranking.

Make sure that you’re doing the appropriate social media marketing for your specific business. When you post content to your website make sure to follow up and post it on social media including Facebook, Twitter and Google +. Keep in mind that video content is also very important for most types of online businesses and that adding instructional or entertaining videos can generate a lot more traffic and interest for your business.

Keywords still definitely matter

Of course, keywords still matter. In writing content for the search engines, it makes sense to use long-tail keywords that match your content but aren’t competitive so that you have a good chance for ranking for them quickly. However, it is also important to have specific keywords in your content, particularly in your titles and meta description, so that you can also improve your SEO for those keywords. A combination of the two is necessary for most SEO plans.

Make sure your articles are optimized in every way possible

It’s essential that your articles are optimized in every way possible for the search engines. That means that you need to include an image with an alt tag, subheadings, and keywords throughout the content. Make sure that you add your target keyword into the first paragraph and in variations throughout your content. Don’t overdo one particular type of keyword. These are just some of the basics of SEO content but hardly touch everything that you really need to know for your specific business.

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